Ground Protection Mats (3 Pack)


  • Box contains three (3) 2’ x 4’ sections (approx. 24 square feet of coverage)
  • Weather-resistant, can be used as temporary or permanent ground surface protection
  • Reduce soil compaction and rutting
  • Light-weight and easy to handle
  • Product thickness = 0.5”, individual sections weigh 8 pounds each
  • Perfect for storing light-weight vehicles
  • Ideal for dog/chicken flooring for kennels, cages, and more

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Meet the Yardfully Ground Protection Mats—the ultimate solution for terrain protection and versatile flooring needs. Designed to facilitate both light-weight vehicular and foot traffic, these mats are the perfect choice for bridging grassy or sandy terrains, ensuring the ground stays intact. Crafted from a durable, weather-resistant polymer, these mats withstand the test of time and elements, surpassing traditional plywood alternatives that are prone to rot and degradation.

Highly Effective Ground Protection

Say goodbye to deep rutting, soil compaction, and turf damage caused by small vehicles like ATVs/OHVs, boats, trailers, and even wheelchairs. Our landscape protection mats guard your turf against damage, giving it a longer life and maintaining its natural look.

The Perfect Poultry Flooring

Whether you’re a small-scale poultry farmer or a pet owner, the Yardfully Ground Protection Mats come to the rescue as a superior choice for chicken, calf, dog, and small animal flooring. These mats are designed to be the ideal fit for kennels, cages, calf hutches, and more. Easy to clean and store, they’re perfect for maintaining hygiene and ensuring your animals’ comfort.

Versatile and User-Friendly

Our protection mats aren’t just about function; they’re also about convenience. You can secure them end-to-end or side-by-side effortlessly using zip ties. Overlap the tabs to create a seamless connection, zip tie the mats together, and voila! You’ve got a customized platform that fits your needs perfectly.

So why wait? Order the Yardfully Ground Protection Mats and experience a ground protection solution that is effective, versatile, and incredibly easy to use. Perfect for your outdoor adventures, landscaping projects, or poultry needs.

Product Specs

  • Product Dimensions: 4′ Height. 2′ Width.
  • Individual Product Weight: 8 pounds
  • Product Color: Green
  • Material: Polymer
  • Full Spec Sheet

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Bulk Order Request


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