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Save Money & Reduce Landfill Waste. Start a Municipal Composting Program.

Opportunities for inexpensive municipal-led backyard composting programs are easier to start than you may think. Backyard composting programs provide residents with compost bins that can be set up in their yards so residents can manage their own organic waste.

How can the GEOBIN® Composters Benefit Your Municipality?

With its large capacity, small storage footprint, and ease of use, the GEOBIN Composter is the perfect fit for any municipality.

The GEOBIN Composter:

  • Reduces tipping fee costs at your landfill.
  • Is the most economical compost bin available with bulk pricing options.
  • Is made in the USA.
  • Has a compact size that requires minimal storage & keeps shipping costs low.
    Individual Box Dimensions 36″ x 4″ x 4.5″ (80 bins/pallet)
  • Is easy to handle & stackable.
    Less than 8 lbs./bin
  • Has a large, customizable size.
    246-gallon capacity (30 cubic ft.)
    Adjustable up to 3 ½ feet in diameter.
    Great for any sized yard.
  • Is backed by 40 years of experience.

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To encourage backyard composting, many communities offer compost bins at a reduced price, or in some cases, even offer them free of charge. In every case, the savings to municipalities are undeniable. The savings from reduced waste hauling and landfill tipping fees far outweigh the cost of subsidizing the compost bins. Our product managers will work with you on bulk pricing orders and/or setting up discounts for your residents.