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Start saving money & reducing landfill waste with a municipal composting program

Show residents how easy it is to compost food scraps and yard waste. Share with municipal leaders the fiscal and community engagement benefits of a municipality composting program. It’s all here! The facts, the benefits, the numbers, links to help materials, and the right source.


  • Most economical bin available.
  • Compact size requires minimal storage & keeps shipping costs low.
    • Individual Box Dimensions 36” x 4” x 4.5” (80 bins/pallet)
  • Easy to handle & stackable.
    • Less than 8 lbs./bin
  • Largest size & customizable.
    • 216-gallon capacity (30 cubic ft.)
    • Adjustable up to 3 ½ feet in diameter. Great for any sized yard.
  • Experience
    • We have been supporting municipalities’ composting programs for more than 30 years!

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