Grass Pavers (5 Pack)


  • Box contains five (5) 20” x 40″ sections (approx. 26.5 square feet of coverage)
  • Easy-to-install sections allow you to cover any dimensions
  • Drive on your lawn without damaging the grass
  • Repair trafficked areas with thriving grass
  • Product thickness = 1.2”, individual sections weigh 4.7 pounds each
  • Overlapping tabs allow for connection of adjacent sections

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The Yardfully Grass Porous Pavers allow you to occasionally drive on your lawn without damaging the grass. The rigid pavers are the perfect tool to protect your lawn in areas of occasional traffic. Create attractive lawns and pathways with this easy-to-install system that allows roots to penetrate deep into the soil. The 20-inch by 40-inch sections interlock and are easily cut to cover any area. Create additional parking spaces for your home or office. The Grass Porous Pavers allow you to plant grass instead of installing concrete, eliminating surface runoff associated with impervious paved areas.

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Product Specs

  • Product Dimensions: 40” Height. 20” Width.
  • Individual Product Weight: 4.7 pounds
  • Product Color: Black
  • Material: Up to 100% Recycled Polyethylene
  • Grass Pavers Spec Summary



Normal lawn-care procedures should be followed, including dethatching and aerating. Some equipment may slightly scar or cut the grass pavers wall structure, but should not affect the overall structural integrity of the drive-on lawn grid system.


When snow removal is required, keep a metal-edged plow blade from coming in contact with the surface of the grid to avoid causing damage to the grass pavers and the grass.

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Bulk Order Request


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