Keyhole Garden


  • Keyhole Garden Kit Includes:
    • 1 Black GEOBIN Composter
    • 2 Black Raised Garden Bed Strips
    • 7 Closure Keys
    • 12 Stakes
  • Enriches Your Garden’s Soil
  • Simple to Set Up—No Special Tools Needed
  • Low Maintenance
  • Made in the USA


Embark on a successful gardening journey with our easy-to-install Keyhole Garden Kit. This specially designed system merges the functionality of the GEOBIN® Composter and Raised Garden Bed, allowing you to create a flourishing keyhole garden in any yard.

The Ideal Composting Solution

The Keyhole Garden Kit includes a GEOBIN Composter, expertly designed for keyhole gardening. Its customizable size and perforations make it ideal for backyard composting. Connect the GEOBIN Composter to the Raised Garden Bed using the provided Closure Keys, and kick-start your journey toward a vibrant garden.

Flexible Raised Garden Bed for Strategic Planning

The kit also includes two flexible Raised Garden Bed strips, allowing you to shape and position your garden space based on your specific needs. You can strategically place the GEOBIN Composter near the center of your garden—or any location within the garden footprint.

Easy Installation and Secure Setup

Creating your dream garden has never been simpler. Use the included garden stakes and Closure Keys to secure the Raised Garden Bed and attach the GEOBIN Composter. With our Keyhole Garden Kit, you won’t need any costly lumber or special tools for installation. The kit is designed to make your gardening setup accessible, easy, and convenient.

Unlock the full potential of your backyard with our Keyhole Garden Kit, the one-stop solution for an elevated gardening experience.


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