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The GEOBIN® Composting System Presents “How to Compost”

Posted December 22, 2020

Welcome to your online resource for learning how to compost! 

What You Should Compost

  • Kitchen scraps such as vegetables, eggshells, fruit peeling, and coffee grounds
  • Garden and yard material such as grass clippings, leaves, annual plants, and vegetables
  • Manure from plant-eating animals only (NOT from household pets)
  • Cardboard (including the GEOBIN box)
  • DO NOT COMPOST: bones, meat scraps, dairy, twigs/branches

How to Compost?

  • Alternate layers of organic waste, separating layers with non-glossy newsprint
  • Keep moist (not WET, but MOIST—like a squeezed-out sponge)
  • Turn every 4-6 weeks to aid aeration
  • Add thin layers of soil to improve the process